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I have the MLR aluminum lift idk how I went so long without one... great product and their customer service is awesome !!!
Brian Skaggs
"Reworking an aluminum EZ-Lift for our race teams headed to the 2019 Arizona Mod Tour. After much time on the dot com searching for the info I needed and desperately needing to know how and what to set schrader check valves at I did something I wouldn't do on a Sunday... I messaged the company for service information. Now honestly I didn't believe I'd here back from them today and succumbed to putting this needed tool on back burner until possibly Monday late morning. Boy was I underestimating MLR Fab! By the time I went out to the hauler and back in the shop, I had a message reply from MLR... it was a reply with the check valve setting I needed. I was shocked at the turn around time especially being before 6:00am Sunday morning. This is what make good companies great in my opinion. I'd spend more to get great service any day.

Thank you MLR Fab for not only a good product line but second to none service! "
Jerry Janssen
Central Iowa
We have an aluminum lift and it works great! No more dragging around Jacks in the dirt. Their customer service is also first class.
Thanks for the support.
Randy Miller
I have an aluminum MLR lift that has worked flawless for a number of years. My son was taking the car out for practice for the first time and due to excitement he didn't put the lift all the way down, the lift hooked the bottom of the car and he dragged it out onto the track along with the pump box. We retrieved the lift from the track and it is bent in a U, but not one weld is broken and it still goes up and down.
Great job on the build MLR.
Todd Van Tassel
I bought our lift about 2 1/2 years ago. It's worked great and my crew chief says that it's the best money that I've ever spent.
The customer service and satisfaction is 2nd to none... thank you Larry and the whole gang at MLR Fab!!!
Bobby Richey
I own the aluminum lift with the pump in the tool box. Most times I go alone to the races and its by far the best tool I have
for saving time. Works great and the customer service from MLR Fab has been excellent.
Ben Policz
Awesome lifts I have one myself and being a dealer I've sold quite a few to fellow racers
and have had nothing but good feedback from them.
Cale Finley
We have been using the aluminum lift for 3 years now. We had a cylinder start giving us some trouble but
MLR stood behind there product and took care of us. Outstanding customer service and great product quality! A+
Justin Gregg
I would like to thank MLR Fabricating for doing a great job on my lift and getting my parts to me.
Thanks again Larry great place to deal with.
Dan Little
We have been using the EZ Lift Light since March 2014 and can't imagine life at the track without it.
This is a very safe and reliable lift for the budget minded racing community. Easy enough to move by 1 person.
Kyle Sprecher
I purchased my pit lift half way through this racing season and I must say its the best money I have ever spent!
It is very sturdy and easy to use. The staff at MLR have been excellent to deal with and
I highly recommend them if you are considering purchasing a lift.
Chris Kratzer
I bought the E-Z Lift Aluminum around January 2014 . This has been the most useful tool! The ease of
adjusting and changing tires is awesome. The preformance has been flawless. You will not find
another lift of this quality for the price. Well done MLR Fabricating, My hats off to ya!!!
Charles Graham
I have the aluminum version. Great lift and in a racers budget. Pumps mounted solid in trailer.
Hose and remote at back door beats the heck out of jack and stands.
Great safety locks on sides of lift.
Kevin Ray